Horiba OCMA-500 Oil Content Analyzer

OCMA-500 for measurement of oil in wastewater

OCMA-500 to measure concentration of oil contained in drainage and environmental water.  After injecting the water sample and solvent, all you have to do is press the start button. And the system will automatically conduct the monitoring operation from oil extraction to sample measurement and draining. With no more troublesome operations like opening/closing the drainage valve, monitoring is sped up.


Backlit extraction tank – The extraction tank is equipped with LEDs. Illuminating the takes makes it easy to check the phase separation between sample and solvent and set the extraction time.
Reduction of environmental impact and running cost – The OCMA-500 cuts solvent consumption by 20% compared with the previous products, reducing environmental impact. It also reduces the running cost.
Measurement mode – Measurement can be switched automatically or manually.  Auto mode – Stirring, measurement and draining are automatically conducted after injection of the sample.  Manual mode – You can conduct measurement operation at any timing while checking the extraction state.


Factory Drainage – for monitoring final discharge water

Ballast water, bilge – for monitoring discharge from ships

Vehicle maintenance site and gas station – for monitoring water quality in surrounding areas

Others – water quality survey based on environmental standards. For monitoring final discharge from petroleum refinery plants. For oil dispersion research at time of an accident.